We are Year 6

Our Favourite Memories of Horwich Parish

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Our year 6 children only have 2 weeks left at Horwich Parish. Here are some their favourite memories….


Year 6 Poems

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Have a look at our poems, we tried to use personification and similes in our work.


Songs for Leaver’s Video

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Please give me a suggestion for your video…


Trip down memory lane…

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4G at Horwich Parish from Ann Washington on Vimeo.


The Leavers’ Concert

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Our favourite Memories of Horwich Parish

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We love our School

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Lighting the Way from Tracey Wyatt on Vimeo.


RE Gravestone inscriptions and symbols

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Today we went to the churchyard to find out about grave inscriptions and symbols. This is what we found out:


Write about your favourite Horwich Parish Memory here

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Leavers’ Party

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Leave your comments and ideas here for other people to look at and think about.